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Welcome to the Children's section of the Provet website. Here you should find almost everything that you want to know about pets, how to keep them and their health problems. There are also fun things to do and prizes to win - like this Dorling Kindersley book.

You can submit your own pet photographs or questions. This site will change every day - so please call back to see what is new !!

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Can you recognise "bits" of animals ?

Click on the photo to try out your skills !


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everything that you ever wanted to now about pets of all types ! How to keep them, what to feed them, whether they are cuddly or not , where to buy them and most important of all - how to keep them healthy.

Provet Education Centre
Some serious stuff here. Coming soon : Interactive programmes on Responsible Pet Care for various Key Stages of the UK National School Curriculum. Educational resources available for you to help you work towards your GCSE and A Level studies in Biology. Also, careers information about how to qualify as a veterinarian , a veterinary nurse and other animal-related jobs.


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