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Note for Pet Owners:

  • Affected animals should not be used for breeding

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Growth hormone is essential for normal development and growth of the skeleton. Inadequate growth hormone will result in delayed skeletal development and maturation, and a small animal, though in every other respect the anatomy of the skeleton may be normal.

Growth hormone deficiency is due to undersecretion of pituitary hormones due to a pituitary disorder.

Breed Occurence
A line of
German Shepherd Dogs have been reported to have a this disorder and it is an autosomal recessive inherited defect.

Immunodeficiency has also been reported in a litter Weimaraners which were deficient in growth hormone and had low T-cell lymphocytes. Clinical signs included :

  • Recurrent severe infections
  • Poor growth rate and condition

Treatment with bovine growth hormone was successful.

Growth hormone treatment would be theoretically possible but it is an expensive drug and in short supply for human use.


Updated October 2013