Provet Survey - Spondylosis


If you have seen a confirmed case of spondylosis in a dog or cat aged less than 4 years of age we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire. If you leave your e-mail address we will happily send you a copy of the results of this survey when they are available.


Please provide your e-mail address


Species of animal Dog Cat Name of pet


Please list the disk spaces affected with spondylosis (if known) in box below.

Use the normal naming convention e.g. T1 , L1, etc. Leave the box BLANK if unsure.



Please type the brand name (s) of food that is fed to the pet in the box below :



If you have access to the label from the main pet food that is fed to the dog/cat please copy the following details from the food typical analysis into the boxes below. Only fill in the details that are provided on the label per 100g food. Leave other boxes blank.


% Water/Moisture % Protein % Fat/oil


% Protein content % Carbohydrate % Ash


Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin E


% Fibre Energy kcals/100g OR kJ/100g


% Sodium % Calcium % Phosphorus


How much of this food is given to the pet daily ? Grams


If the pet receives any treats or titbits as well as it's main food please list them in the box below with approximate amount fed in grams per day.



Is the pet ever fed liver ? Yes No I donít know


If Yes - How often ? Daily Weekly Monthly


Is the pet given vitamin supplements ? Yes No If YES specify


Is the pet given mineral supplements ? Yes No If YES specify


Is the pet given other supplements ? Yes No If YES specify


If you wish you can send further details or comments in the box below :







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