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Clinical Veterinary Toxicology
G Lorgue, J Lechenet and A Riviere
Clinical Veterinary Toxicology is a handbook for all veterinary surgeons, offering practical advice on the diagnosis, treatment and management of animal poisoning. It is an exceptional book for while it relies on a background of published literature, and cites data where relevant, it is, in essence, a distillation of the clinical experience of the authors' department.
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Canine and Feline Geriatrics
Mike Davies BVetMed, CertVR, CertSAO, ACIArb, FRCVS
This book provides a practical guide to vets faced with ageing animals. Starting from the important standpoint that the subject of geriatrics presents topics and problems all of its own, the book does not simply present overviews of each subject as they relate to the younger adult, with aspects relating to the older animal tacked on. Instead the book covers topics that relate specifically to the geriatric patient.
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Feline and Canine Infectious Diseases
R M Gaskell & M Bennett
Small animal infectious diseases range from the fast moving feline retrovirus field, with feline leukaemia and feline immunodeficiency virus infections, to diseases such as feline panleucopenia where our practical knowledge and advice has changed little in over twenty years. We have also included some newly recognised infections and some more exotic ones which we hope the reader will find stimulating. Although the book is not referenced as such, for those of more academic bent there is a list of several fully referenced texts provided at the back, and some selected recent and topical references are also given to tempt your interest.
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Cardiorespiratory diseases of the Dog and Cat
M Martin and B Corcoran
Cardiac cases represent a large proportion of the small animal patients in most practices. However patients often initially merely show symptoms of a "chest complaint", which could represent either a cardiac or pulmonary problem. This book provides a practical guide for practitioners faced with such cases. Written in an easily accessible note form the book uses a practical approach considering the symptoms first and then the possible causes
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Equine Cardiology
Mark Patteson
Equine medicine is currently the main growth area in veterinary practice, yet there is no practical guide to equine cardiology available for the practitioner and student. This book uniquely provides an easy reference on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disorders, including a guide to the use of modern diagnostic techniques, thus taking cardiology out of the realm of the specialist and making it easily understood by any vet involved in equine work.
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