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    Billy Kelly


    Billy Kelly is a Limerick man, a Journalist and an Author. 

    He currently lives in Dorset and his first novel A Fool's Fortune begins in Ireland :

WHEN the postman, Martin Earlie, clatters down the lane - on his regulation post office bicycle - to Fanahan Logan’s cottage on the west coast of County Clare, he is bearing an unexpected letter that has a stamp with the Queen’s head on it (and the words “Private and Confidential” emblazoned on the front of it).
Fanahan, a mountain of a man, a man many consider to be an enormous fool, spends much of his time leaning on his half-door staring out at the wide Atlantic Ocean and the green mound of Mutton Island, thinking of mushy peas and dreaming of fortunes.
After being presented with the letter, Fanahan leans back on the half door and calmly returns his gaze to the horizon beyond which, he speculates hopefully, there rest vast mountains of gold and diamonds just waiting to be gathered up in large wooden chests by a hero of a man, such as you might find leaning on a half-door in County Clare. Martin says nothing but follows Fanahan's gaze to the edge of the ocean. The two men stand in silence marvelling at the wonders of nature.
Eventually, Martin can contain himself no longer.
“Fanahan, are you going to open the letter, or what?”..............


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    Publication date : February 28th 2005

    Number of Pages 220

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