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A Typical Situation

It's a bad day. You have a patient with an acute medical problem that you are uncertain about diagnosing. Your local consultant is unavailable, and you are concerned that a missed diagnosis will cost you not only valuable time and resources but also one of your best clients. RemoteVet's Insight system would provide the perfect solution to your quandary.



You order slides to be made of the patients affected area. Insight's high resolution microscope camera enables you to record the information on the slides in a digitized format, which can then be sent to RemoteVet.



You suspect that the problem may involve bone. You take radiographs. After developing the film you use the digital camera to include the image in the medical record.



Your ultrasound unit allows you to survey the abdomen and heart for extension of the disease. As you scan the images are digitized for inclusion in the database to be sent to the consultant.



You are concerned about neurological signs being shown by the animal, so you take a short video to demonstrate the posture and gait. This video clip can be captured by the Insight software.


A click of a mouse ....

Armed with your patient's images and medical record, you can now send the complete file to RemoteVet's teleportation headquarters by simply clicking the SEND button with your mouse. The file is immediately relayed to the specialist of your choice and within moments the images are being analyzed for consultation.


The Response

Finally, what you have been waiting for . In just a short time (the average is less than 4 hours) you get the answers to your questions plus a detailed report from a recognised specialist.


Consultation with Specialists

RemoteVet's systems operator manages the flow of case transmissions to the specialists. Therefore, RemoteVet, not the sending practice, is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and completion of case transmission. The general practitioner submitting the case chooses a specialist for consultation. The specialist has a RemoteVet receiving and transmitting system for analysis of the teleported images and pertinent case information. 

The specialist returns an interpretation and consultation to the originating practitioner either directly or via RemoteVetís system control center. A case turnaround time of less than 24 hours is guaranteed, and currently cases average four hours for turnaround. Emergency (STAT) case turnaround is guaranteed in one hour. If the system fails to achieve these targets you don't pay the bill. 


Advantages to the Practice/Client

The advantage for the veterinary practice using RemoteVetís specialist network is the patient remains in the practice for the first stage of a second opinion referral workup. Thus, case management, revenues and profits are retained in-house. 

Clients will be pleased with the specialist consultation, convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind utilizing their primary care veterinarianís services versus being referred, particularly for those cases which do not actually need to travel to a second opinion referral centre.


What are the costs ?

There are two types of cost :

1. Case referral costs CLICK HERE for current details

2. Set up costs  CLICK HERE for current details


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