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Referral Costs

It costs between $40.00 and $75.00 to submit a case to the RemoteVet network of consultants. The higher charge is for a case that requires a multidisciplinery approach :


Cost - $
Radiology and/or Ultrasound of the same area


Cardiology consultation 49.50
Internal Medicine consultation 49.50
Dermatology consultation 49.50
Ophthalmology consultation 49.50
Cytopathology consultation 39.50
Emergency (STAT) consultation (additional fee) 20.00
Multidisciplinary case - Radiology and/or Internal Medicine, Cytopathology, or Cardiology consultation as indicated by the type of case. 75.00
*Unrelated radiographs and ultrasounds are considered as two separate cases  

Remember :

* RemoteVet guarantee that you will receive a report on your case within 24 hours....or you don't pay the bill.

* For STAT consultations a 1 hour turnaround is guaranteed....or you don't pay the bill.

* You can select which Specialist in which clinical discipline you want to examine your case from a list of those available.