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Lifetime Learning Programme (PLLP)


Worming Products and Protocols

This Project will involve you in reviewing and comparing the worming preparations available in your practice and writing a brief report. 

Your report will count as 10 Continuing Education points towards your annual PLLP target of 90 points, and Provet will send you an appraisal of your Entry. The best entries will be judged and you may win an Award ! 

Write a brief report to include the following :

  • A table of all the worming products that you stock, which species they are indicated for use in, and how often re-worming is advised
  • Compare your list of products with a current veterinary formulary and determine :
    • Are there any types of worming preparation available which have different modes of action to the ones stocked by your practice ?
    • Do your stock lines contain wormers with the same mode of action ?
  • A table comparing which parasites each worming product is effective against
  • A table comparing the cost to your client of :
    • Initial dosing
    • Re-worming

    for each product

  • List any side-effects mentioned in the datasheets of the products that you stock

  • Conclude whether any changes in your stocking or recommended worming protocols are needed
  • Make any other comments that you would like

Once completed send the report by email (in .doc format) to the Course Organiser:


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