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Lifetime Learning Programme (PLLP)


Local Health Hazards

This Project will involve you in identifying potential health hazards for your selected animal and writing a brief report.

Your report will count as 10 Continuing Education points towards your annual PLLP target of 90 points, and Provet will send you an appraisal of your Entry. The best entries will be judged and you may win an Award !   

Every environment contains potential health hazards for animals (eg extreme weather, heat, cold, water, gases, poisons, traffic, glass, barbed wire, parasites, infectious diseases) For a selected animal (eg cat,dog,rabbit,horse,cattle, sheep) examine the immediate and surrounding environments carefully and try to identify all the potential health hazards.  Write a brief report to include the following : 

  • List all the potential health hazards that you have identified, and rank them as High, Medium, Low or Insignificant risk (insignificant risk might be the likelihood of a plane falling out of the sky on to the animal).
  • List what precautions have already been taken to minimise exposure to health risks (eg the animal may be confined in a cage or enclosure to prevent it escaping on to a road, or it may have been vaccinated against disease)
  • List any measures that you could/should take to minimise exposure to existing health risks - you should be able to identify at least 6 risks !
  • List any health risk that your animal may represent to it's environment and other animals/people in it.
  • If you are not happy that you know what local health hazards to look for - draw up a list of local professionals who you can ask for advice
  • Any other comments that you want to make

Once completed send the report by email (in .doc format) to the Course Organiser:


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