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Lifetime Learning Programme (PLLP)


Genetically Inherited Problems

This Project will involve you in reviewing genetically inherited problems in your selected animal and writing a brief report.

Your report will count as 10 Continuing Education points towards your annual PLLP target of 90 points, and Provet will send you an appraisal of your Entry. The best entries will be judged and you may win an Award ! 

For a selected species or breed of animal (eg cat,dog,rabbit,horse,cattle, sheep - or a breed eg poodle) find out what genetically inherited problems are likely to occur. (Your veterinary practice may be able to help you, or search for information on Provet). Write a brief report to include the following : 

  • What is a genetically inherited problem ?
  • What is "a congenital defect" ?
  • Are all congenital defects genetically inherited ?
  • List the main inherited problems that are most often seen in your selected animal
  • Can animals with the inherited problems that you have listed be treated ? If so, give an example.
  • What can be done to prevent genetically inherited problems from being passed on ?
  • Any other comments that you want to make

Once completed send the report by email (in .doc format) to the Course Organiser:


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