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Lifetime Learning Programme (PLLP)


Interpretation of Animal Food Labels

This Project will involve you in examining and interpreting the information provided on animal food labels and writing a brief report.

Your report will count as 10 Continuing Education points towards your annual PLLP target of 90 points and Provet will send you an appraisal of your Entry. The best entries will be judged and you may win an Award !

For a selected species of animal (eg cat,dog,rabbit,horse,cattle, pig, sheep) examine the labels from at least 6 different types of food.  Record the following information for each food :

  • Brand name
  • Type of food eg canned, dry, semi-moist
  • Analysis
  • Ingredients
  • Is it a Complete food ? If not, what is it ?
  • The marketing statements on the label

Write a brief report comparing the foods in respect of :

  • Energy content
  • Water content
  • Protein content
  • Calcium content
  • Suitability of each food as a sole ration
  • Marketing statements
  • Any other comments that you think are important

Once completed send the report by email (in .doc format) to the Course Organiser:


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