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What is Lifetime Learning ?

Life is a continuous learning experience and, whatever your primary daily activity or occupation is, it is important to keep abreast of developments in "your world". This is just as important for a pet owner or breeder as it is for a highly qualified professional such as a veterinarian.

People in business or working in one of the professions must keep themselves up to date or the products or services that they provide may become outdated or obsolete and consumers rightly expect the best products and services.

In many cases professional bodies have laid down specific recommendations for an annual commitment to continuing education, or continuing professional development as it is often now called. Lifetime learning is an extension of this concept to embrace learning throughout your life, whatever your age, whatever your level of knowledge or skills, whether you are employed or not, whether you are healthy or not.

Lifetime learning schemes are usually voluntary, but in some cases they are mandatory in which case satisfactory participation can be linked to a renewable licence to work or practice a profession.

Whilst the government, other administrative bodies and most individuals readily accept the basic concept of lifetime learning, putting the concept into practice is not so easy. Most of us live hectic lives with little time to spare for other activities whether they be relaxation, hobbies or participation in educational programmes.

Probably the most important aspect of lifetime learning is that it relies on self-motivation. A professional body can make continuing education mandatory and so compel it’s members to attend meetings or utilise distance learning materials - but it cannot make people enjoy the experience, learn from the experience or (in most cases) act upon new information presented to them as part of the teaching process.

Provet, through its Lifetime Learning Programme seeks to facilitate participation in accredited educational activities for people with a profession, business or personal interest in animal health matters through the development of a comprehensive range of activities tailored to meet each individuals needs.

PLLP Mission Statement
The Provet Lifetime Learning Programme (PLLP) has been established to help people with a profession,a business or simply a  personal interest in animal health matters to participate in accredited educational activities as part of their commitment to lifetime learning.

Who can Particiate in the PLLP ?
Provet will organise educational activities in the UK or on-line for anyone interested in pursuing a lifetime learning programme relating to animal health matters. We will help people through the Provet web site and arrange training courses on any animal health related subject -  providing a group of at least 10 people wish to participate

What format does PLLP take ?

Starting from 1st January 2000 PLLP Educational activities will take all forms including :

1. On-site learning (ie from your workplace or home)

a) Distance learning materials






b) On-site training courses

Training tailored to your specific needs – in your home or at your workplace.

2. Off-site courses

One-Day Courses

2+ Day Residential Courses

3. On-line study programme

On-line study modules via the Internet, an Intranet or Extranet

In-house training and training in the workplace

Full details of available distance learning materials, books and current and future activities can be found at Provet’s web site

The PLLP Charter

Provet will organise it’s educational programmes to achieve the following objectives whenever possible :

  1. Provet will create educational programmes to meet individual educational needs
  2. Provet will provide Certificates of Participation
  3. Provet will provide participants with accreditation scores/records
  4. Provet will undertake post-participation follow-up and evaluation of all it’s programmes
  5. Provet will provide Annual Certificates of Attainment when individuals achieve their target for an annual commitment to lifetime learning.
  6. Provet’s educational activities will be interactive and FUN

What Benefits will I get from joining the PLLP ?

Participants in the PLLP will benefit from :

  1. Independent accreditation of participation in lifetime learning
  2. Personal satisfaction that they have set themselves an annual target for lifetime learning to work towards
  3. Personal satisfaction in achieving a personal goal for lifetime learning when that attain their annual target
  4. Gain business advantage by keeping up to date in a field of work
  5. Gain professional advantage by keeping up to date and learning new skills
  6. Reduced rates for all Provet educational activities

How does the accreditation scheme actually work ?

Under the accreditation scheme run by the PLLP each individual is set a personal target of 90 PLLP points to attain each Year. Points are gained by participation in various activities and higher points are allocated for activities with a higher value in terms of learning . This is the current scoring system :

Hands-on training of practical skills in a small group* environment – Value 5 PLLP Points per hour.

Interactive training on a one-to-one basis eg a computer or on-line programme – Value 4 PLLP Points per hour

Small group teaching – knowledge-based rather than practical skills – Value 4 PLLP Points per hour

Lectures, practical skill training in a large group environment – Value 4 PLLP Points per hour.

Distance learning materials – reading books, watching videos, listening to tapes, use of CD-ROMs – with evaluation of participation – 3 points per evaluation hour **

Distance learning materials – as above but without proof of participation – 2 points per hour (Self-accreditation)***

Casual reading – reading relevant professional journals, magazines, newspapers (Self-accreditation)***


*A "small group environment" is defined for the purposes of PLLP as 15 or fewer participants

** "Evaluation hours" is the amount of time that the compiler of the programme considers is needed to successfully answer any evaluation test.

*** It is obviously impossible for Provet to provide accreditation for lifetime learning activities in the last 2 categories. However, for the purposes of the PLLP annual target a letter of self-accreditation specifying the educational activities that have been participated in will be accepted from individuals up to a MAXIMUM OF 10 PLLP Points in any 12 month period.


How much does the PLLP cost ?

The Provet Lifetime Learning Programme is FREE to enter.

Delegates attending Provet Courses or purchasing distance learning materials or in-house training or participating in on-line activities will be automatically entered into the scheme if they so wish.


Do only Provet activities count towards the PLLP ?

NO !

Providing satisfactory proof of participation can be provided, attendance at other organisations meetings or participation in other distance learning programmes can be accepted as part of the PLLP.

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