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Here you will find everything that you ever wanted to now about pets of all types ! How to keep them, what to feed them, whether they are cuddly or not , where to buy them and most important of all - how to keep them healthy. CLICK HERE


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Do you have a question about pet animals ? If so send it in and we will try to answer it for you. Send it to  Provet's Pet Questions On-line section at kids@provet.co.uk and we will post the answers to some of your questions every month..

Alex Roper  (aged 12) asks : What are the differences between teeth in humans, dogs and sheep ?

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February's question was:

Alex Smith (age 8) asks : Why are cats pupils slit-shaped


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January's question was :

Jack (age 5 ) asks : How do birds fly?

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Provet Pet Quiz of the Month - May 2000

So you think you know a thing or two about pets ! Challenge yourself in the Provets Pet Quiz of the month - you might learn something ! Also, there will be regular prizes for the best answers  CLICK ON THE PICTURE  for this Months Quiz which is about this picture :

May's Quiz was about this picture :



Aprils Quiz was about this Picture : 

March Question was about this picture (Click on it for the answers):

February's Quiz was about this picture. Click on it for the questions and answers


Competition Winner

Alex Smith (Age 9) from Wiltshire, England

January's Quiz was about this picture . Click on it to see the questions and answers


Provet Pets Photo Library

Need an animal photo for your computer or for your homework ! Soon you will be able to visit Provet's on-line library and download one FREE of charge. Do you have photographs of your pet that you would like to share with others ? If so scan it and upload it (as a JPEG please ! ) to the library here. There is a monthly prize for the best photograph submitted. CLICK HERE to see this months photo's and enter our


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Some serious stuff here. Coming soon : Interactive programmes on Responsible Pet Care for various Key Stages of the UK National School Curriculum. Educational resources available for you to help you work towards your GCSE and A Level studies in Biology. Also, careers information about how to qualify as a veterinarian , a veterinary nurse and other animal-related jobs. 



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