BCK granules Bismuth, charcoal and kaolin granules (proprietary product of Solvay Duphar Veterinary)
calciferol Vitamin D2
cholecalciferol Vitamin D3
cymes A flower-cluster of a broad and flattenned type
d Day
dimorphic Able to exist in two distinct forms
dioecious Sexually distinct species;having staminate and pistillate flowers on seperate plants
DM Dry matter
EDTA Ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid; the antidote used in calcium disodium edetate
evergreen Plant which does not shed its leaves in autumn
g Gramme
glume A small bract with a flower in the axil as in grass
h Hour
HCN Hydrogen cyanide
inflorescence Part of the plant that consists of the flower-bearing stalks; arrangement of the flowers on the stalks
involucre A ring of bracts or small leaves at the base of a flower
K Potassium
LC50 The concentration of a toxicant lethal to 50% of a test population
LD50 The dose of a toxicant lethal to 50% of a test population (median lethaldose)
LD Lethal dose
MTD minimum toxic dose
NEL No effect level
NOEL No observed effect level
P Phosphorus
pedunculate Having a stem or stalk
PPSB Prothrombin+proconvertine+Stuart's factor and anti-haemophilic factor B
tare The seed of vetch
toxin A natural toxicant (from plants, fungi, venom, etc., includes mycotoxins)
toxicant A poison or toxic substance
TD Toxic dose
UK United Kingdom
vitamin D2 Calciferol
vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol

Note: 1ppm=