On payment of an annual subscription fee, any veterinary practice or other authorized user has unlimited access to both the London and Leeds branches of VPIS. The size of the fee is determined by the number of veterinary surgeons working in the practice.
The VPIS is staffed by trained information specialists and pharmacists with ready access to a large variety of information sources. These include veterinary toxicology textbooks, past case reports from journals, results and findings of animal laboratory work performed during drug and product testing, human toxicology databases including some that contain animal data, and also the database of past case records compiled by the VPIS. Additionally, VPIS has access to a large library of data sheets provided on a confidential basis by manufacturers throughout the UK. These list the compositions, packaging details, physicochemical characteristics and, in some cases, toxicological characteristics of many products, allowing assessment of the toxic hazard by VPIS staff. A large number of expert contacts are also available to whom referral may be made. The laboratory services of the Poisons Units are also available to VPIS subscribers. However, a preliminary telephone enquiry to establish what specimens to submit, by what means, etc., is essential.

VPIS (London) VPIS (Leeds)
Poisons Unit Poisons Information Service
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