Solanum dulcamara (bittersweet, dulcamara, climbing nightshade, felon wood, scarlet berry, violet bloom). A member of the plant family SOLANACEAE. Perennial, scrambling climber with clusters of violet flowers. Fruits are green berries becoming scarlet-red and juicy when fully ripe. The plant is common in hedges, woods, on waste land and shingle beaches.

[affected.gif] Animals most affected

[etiology.gif] Etiology
Ingestion of contaminated fodder (notably maize fodder), particularly in ruminants where large quantities are consumed over a prolonged period (10-20 days).

[toxic.gif] Toxicity
Contains toxic glycoalkaloids, alkamines and solanines. Toxic doses not known: the plant is reputedly non-toxic to sheep and goats.

[clinical.gif] Clinical features

[lesions.gif] Lesions

[treatm~1.gif] Treatment
No antidote. Symptomatic care only: