Hyoscyamus niger (black henbane, hyoscyamus), H. albus (white henbane). A member of the plant family SOLANACEAE. Annual or biennial upright herbaceous plant with an angular hairy stem and soft hairy leaves. Dirty yellow purple-veined trumpet-like flowers; smooth, capsular fruits which open when ripe, common on light or sandy soils.

[affected.gif] Animals most affected
Cattle, horses, (pigs).

[etiology.gif] Etiology
Ingestion of the fresh plant, (not common as it has an unpleasant odour), or of contaminated fodder. Poisonings rare.

[toxic.gif] Toxicity
Contains the anticholinergic alkalcid hyoscyamine, atropine and scopolamine. The seeds are the most toxic part of the
plant. Drying does not reduce the toxicity. Toxic doses not known.

[clinical.gif] Clinical features
Same peripheral and central effects as atropine poisoning:

[lesions.gif] Lesions

[treatm~1.gif] Treatment
No antidote. Symptomatic care only: