A selective post-emergence translocated herbicide, a derivative of benzoic acid, effective against nettles, bracken, matricaria, pimpernel and chickweed.
Available in the UK only in mixtures, in combination with a wide range of other herbicides (e.g. 2,4-D, 2,4-MCPA mecoprop, ioxynil, DNOC), in granular form, as microcapsules or as a liquid for spraying.

[affected.gif] Animals most affected
Cattle, (sheep, goats).

[etiology.gif] Etiology
Poisoning by oral ingestion of the herbicide is uncommon in animals.

[toxic.gif] Toxicity
Compound of low toxicity.
Oral doses in mg/kg or concentrations in mg/l:

LD50 rats 1040-2900
TD cattle 250 for 2 days
  sheep 500
  hens 50 for 10 days
LC50 (96 h) fish > 100

[clinical.gif] Clinical features
Prognosis generally good.

[lesions.gif] Lesions

[treatm~1.gif] Treatment
No antidote. Symptomatic care only.