Lolium temulentum. A member of the plant family GRAMINEAE and related to the rye grasses. Annual herbaceous plant with wide leaves and a flattened simple spike, with spikelets arranged edgeways onto the central axis. Numerous florets. Large grooved fruits (or caryopse) with curved feathery hairs.

[affected.gif] Animals most affected
Cattle, horses.

[etiology.gif] Etiology
Ingestion of cereals contaminated with the grass seeds.

[toxic.gif] Toxicity
The toxic agents have not been fully identified - possibly temuline and norloline. Also contains the alkaloid perloline.

Oral toxic doses not well established:
LD horses 7 g/kg body weight
  birds appear resistant to the compounds.

[clinical.gif] Clinical features
Neurological effects:
Satisfactory outcome in the majority of cases.

[lesions.gif] Lesions
Non-specific and of little consequence to health.

[treatm~1.gif] Treatment
No antidote. Symptomatic care only: