A persistent organochlorine insecticide, formerly for use against soil pests. Banned in France; approvals for sale, supply, storage and use as a pesticide were revoked in May 1989 in the UK.
For etiology, clinical features, lesions, treatment and laboratory investigations, see Organochlorines .

[toxic.gif] Toxicity
Oral doses in mg/kg:

LD50 rats 39
  guinea pigs 33
  dogs 65
  cats 1-l5
  ducks 520
  pheasants 17
  quail 7
MTD adult cattle 10
  calves 2.5
  sheep 10
  goats 10
TD adult cattle 25
  calves 25
  sheep 15
  goats 15
LD cattle 40-50
  sheep 40-50

Highly toxic to fish.