Investigation into Owners and the Brushing of Pets Teeth

(This study would best be conducted in association with one of the others in this series so that a comparison can be made between the success (or not) of brushing teeth in preventing dental and gum disease in pets)

As part of Responsible Pet Care owners should check their pets regularly for signs of illness or disease. Dental care is just as important for our pets as it is for us, yet many owners do not realise how common dental problems are. 

This study should help students realise the importance of dental hygiene in pets and allow them to draw interesting comparisons between dental hygiene patterns in families including whether, and how often, family members brush their teeth, and whether, and how frequently the family regularly brushes it's pets teeth.

The aim of the study

To determine whether, and how frequently families (adults and children) brush their teeth, and to compare these findings with whether, and how frequently families routinely brush their pets teeth.

Suggested pets to examine :

Factors which might/might not be relevant and should be recorded.

Simple statistical analysis can then be performed to determine which groups of pet get their teeth brushed, and what prophylactic dental profile the family has. Is there a link between family prophylactic dental hygiene  (ie brushing) and pet dental hygiene?

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