FELINE CORONAVIRUS: Control of infection

In a coronavirus-free colony, test all cats before they enter the colony, and do not take seropositive cats. If possible, ensure that cats entering the colony come from colonies where all the cats are seronegative. Quarantine all cats entering the colony for 12 weeks, and test again for antibody. Do not forget dogs as a possible source of infection.

In a colony with FCoV infection, isolate queens with their kittens for 12 weeks, and then test kittens. Do not allow seropositive kittens back into the colony. Early weaning and removal of kittens from seropositive queens can enable eradication of infection from a colony. Similarly, although there is evidence to suggest occasional carrier cats may be seronegative, in practice removal of seropositive cats from the colony will often eradicate infection.

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