There have been many attempts to develop an effective vaccine against FIP.

Experimentally, killed and attenuated vaccines have generally failed through the phenomenon of antibody enhancement of disease (see 'Pathogenesis'). Use of related viruses such as CCV as vaccines has caused either no protection or enhancement of subsequent infection, and genetically engineered vaccines expressing only one of each of the three main structural proteins of FCoV have similarly caused either enhancement or no protection. However, a temperature-sensitive mutant has been licensed for use in North America and some EU countries (Primucell, Pfizer). This vaccine strain replicates only in the oropharynx where the temperature is lower than the rest of the body and by producing a good mucosal immunity but only minimal systemic antibody, is thought to provoke protection without enhancement. Most experimental and field data suggest that the vaccine is both safe and probably effective. Experimental data suggest that under some conditions it might provoke enhancement of subsequent infection, but this has not been seen following natural challenge.

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