Caused by inoculation of Sporothrix schenckii into the skin on thorns or plant material.

Ulcerating dermal or subcutaneous nodules develop, often spreading lymphatic vessels. Lesions on the faces of cats look like cat-bite abscesses. Necropsy often reveals systemic lymphatic spread to many internal organs.

Diagnosis is by cytology, histopathology and fungal culture.

Therapy in dogs is by giving supersaturated potassium iodide (40 mg kg three times daily) with food, or with ketoconazole (15 mg/kg orally twice daily) for 1 month beyond clinical cure. Treatment for cats is similar (but at around half the canine dose of potassium iodide or ketoconazole), but they must be carefully monitored for signs of iodism or ketoconazole toxicity.

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