RABIES: Other control measures

In some countries free of rabies, the disease is excluded by quarantine. Far example, in the UK, animals such as dogs and cats have to undergo a 6-month quarantine period on arrival, in kennels which are under veterinary supervision and are approved and inspected by Ministry of Agriculture veterinary officers. All animals entering quarantine are required to be vaccinated, with an approved vaccine. Recently, EU regulations now allow commercially traded animals, which come from a registered holding, to move freely between member states, including the UK. However, certain conditions apply regarding the identification of animals, and there must be evidence of successful vaccination having been carried out.

In countries where rabies is enzootic, control measures should be aimed at reducing the incidence of disease in cats and dogs and in wildlife, i.e:

In wildlife, although measures such as destroying foxes have been tried, they are only temporarily effective because the fox population rapidly recovers and rabies then recurs. Undoubtedly the most successful means of rabies control in wildlife is by vaccination using oral baits.

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