This book was conceived as a result of many years of producing course notes both for veterinary undergraduates and for continuing education meetings aimed at veterinary practitioners and interested dog and cat owners. Because the book originated as lecture notes, we hope that the information it contains will be reasonably comprehensive, but that the format will make it readily accessible and digestible. We intend that the book should be used for easy reference to basic information about a disease; for updating of current knowledge; and for revision purposes if you are in the unfortunate position of having to pass an exam. However, we hope the book will be user-friendly enough to browse through at any time and for any motive.

Small animal infectious diseases range from the fast moving feline retrovirus field, with feline leukaemia and feline immunodeficiency virus infections, to diseases such as feline panleucopenia where our practical knowledge and advice has changed little in over twenty years. We have also included some newly recognised infections and some more exotic ones which we hope the reader will find stimulating. Although the book is not referenced as such, for those of more academic bent there is a list of several fully referenced texts provided at the back, and some selected recent and topical references are also given to tempt your interest.

We would welcome feedback from readers regarding any errors of both omission or fact that may inadvertently be present, and would also welcome suggestions as to how the book's usefulness may be improved in the future.

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