Euthanasia Euthanasia

The method (or combination of methods) of treatment employed in a cancer patient must be based upon a critical clinical appraisal of the individual case; will depend upon the availability of different treatment protocols in the veterinary practice and, most importantly, should satisfy the wishes of the owner.

For many old people their pet is the main motivating factor that keeps them going and the prospect of losing their companion, particularly because of ‘cancer' which is a very emotive subject, is hard for them to come to terms with. Communication about the diagnosis and case manneeds to be dealt with in a caring and sensitive way.

Euthanasia is an important option to relieve suffering in cases in which the quality of life of the animal is unlikely to benefit from surgical or medical intervention.

Owners often require sympathetic counselling before, and following the euthanasia of their pet. This is particularly the case for owners for whom the pet is their last link with a member of the family who has left home, or who is deceased.