Table 8.9 Summary: Causes of sudden death

Table 8.9 Summary: Causes of sudden death


Rupture of the pulmonary artery

Rupture of the aortic root

Rupture of a major pulmonary vessel (+1- severe EIPH)

Rupture of a carotid artery due to mycotic infection of the guttural pouch

Rupture of a major abdominal artery, likely to be associated with parasitic damage

Rupture of a uterine artery

Severed arteries associated with skeletal trauma


Bradydysrhythmia (very rare)

Rupture of a major chorda tendinea

Congestive heart failure of any cause

other causes

Abdominal catastrophe

Acute colitis


Poisoning, e.g. yew

Gunshot wound