Table 4.5 Features of an ultrasound machine required for equine echocardiography


Sector scanner

2DE and M-mode echocardiography

Transducer frequency <3.0 MHz

Depth display >24cm

Highly desirable

Transducer frequency 2.0-2.5 MHz

Long focus transducer

Depth display 30cm

ECG timing

High quality video recorder

Cine-loop facility

Angle of beam 70~100o

Flexible gain setting

Measuring software

Doppler (steerable CW, stand alone CW, pulsed-wave Doppler, high PRF pulsed-wave Doppler)

Foot switch for freeze frame and 2DEIM-mode/Doppler change


Hard copy facility such as a video printer or a multiformat camera

Often promoted by manufacturers, but seldom helpful

Cardiac software package

ECG triggered freeze frame