6.3 Tricuspid valve disease
6.3 Tricuspid valve disease

Abnormalities of the tricuspid valve (TV) are an uncommon finding at post-mortem (PM) in the horse, but tricuspid regurgitation (TR) can be found in aniwith no gross valvular lesions. Although TR is not well documented in the literature, it is not as uncommon as some reports would suggest. TR can result from pulmonary hypertension due to pulmonary disease such as severe inflammatory small airway disease (COPD). Pulmonary hypertension may also result from left-sided CHF. The TV may be particularly likely to leak as a result of dilation of the valve annulus because of the three leaflet structure. It is also possible that dilation of the right side occurs as a result of the normal eccentric hypertrophy which results from exercise training and may lead to TR. TR detected by DE is more common in human athletes than in sedentary individuals and a similar situation may occur in trained racehorses.


6.3.1 Clinical signs

6.3.2 Diagnosis

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