3.1 Background details
3.1 Background details

The history and background details of the patient are particularly important considerations in the horse because, while the spectrum of disease does not differ widely between different types of animal, the use and consequently the expected exercise tolerance of individual horses differs enormously. As a result, not only the likely diagnosis, but the treatment, prognosis and advice offered may differ depending on individual circumstances.

Important factors to consider are the age, sex, breed and use of the horse. In addition in some instances the prospective use of the animal, the stage of the athletic season, the ability of the rider and the temperament of the individual horse may need to be taken into account.


3.1.1 Age

3.1.2 Sex

3.1.3 Breed

3.1.4 The use of the animal

3.1.5 The propective use of the animal

3.1.6 The stage of the athletic season