List of Tables
List of Tables

Table 1.1Factors affecting preload, afterload, contractility and heart rate 
Table 2.1Mechanisms in congestive heart failure 
Table 2.2Causes of systolic and diastolic failure 
Table 3.1Check list for clinical findings in horses with cardiac disease 
Table 3.2Clinical signs of cardiac disease 
Table 3.3Causes of dependent oedema 
Table 3.4Classification of functional and pathology murmurs 
Table 4.1Recording of an ECG. The lead system which can be used for recording an ECG 
Table 4.2Interpretation of an ECG 
Table 4.3Measurements of the normal complex and interval duration 
Table 4.4Doppler equations (Doppler shift equation, Bernouilli equation, Nyquist principle, calculation of cardiac output) 
Table 4.5Features of an ultrasound machine required for equine cardiology 
Table 4.6Transducer positions 
Table 4.7Guidelines for measuring cardiac dimensions and a range of values obtained in normal adult Thoroughbred horses 
Table 4.8A protocal for 2DE and M-mode echocardiography 
Table 4.9Summary: Echocardiographic features of mitral regurgitation 
Table 4.10Summary: Echocardiographic features of tricuspid regurgitation 
Table 5.1Summary: Echocardiographic features of aortic regurgitation 
Table 6.1Summary: Ventricular septal defects 
Table 6.2Basic rules of management of horses with cardiac disease 
Table 6.3Summary: Clinical evaluation of horses with tricuspid regurgitation 
Table 6.4Summary: Clinical evaluation of horses with aortic regurgitation 
Table 6.5Summary: Clinical evaluation of horses with endocarditis 
Table 6.6Summary: Clinical evaluation of horses with myocardial disease 
Table 6.7Summary: Clinical evaluation of horses with pericardial disease 
Table 7.1Summary: The clinical approach to horses with arrhythmias 
Table 7.2Summary: Recognition of arrhythmias 
Table 7.3Summary: Clinical features of atrial fibrillation 
Table 7.4Summary: Treatment of atrial fibrillation 
Table 8.1Summary: Evaluation of the cardiovascular system at pre-purchase examination

Table 8.2Summary: Interpretation of findings at pre-purchase examinations 
Table 8.3Summary: Causes of poor athletic performance 
Table 8.4Summary: Evaluation of the poor performance cases suspected of having a cardiovascular disease. Baseline information 
Table 8.5Summary: Diagnostic aids in evaluation of the poor performance case 
Table 8.6Summary: Important historical information in a collapsing horse 
Table 8.7Summary: Examination of the collapsing horse 
Table 8.8Summary: Causes of episodic collapse 
Table 8.9Summary: Causes of sudden death