Jack (age 5) asks:

Why do rabbit's eyes glow in the dark ?


This is a good question. I know exactly what you mean Jack. When I am driving at night I often catch the red flash from the eyes of rabbits grazing at the side of the road when my headlights shine on them. 

In fact their eyes are not "glowing". What we see is the reflection of light from the back of their eyes. 

At night the pupils of the eyes dilate to let in as much light as possible but if a bright light suddenly lands on the eye it passes through and is reflected from the shiny back of the eye. Lots of animals have part of the eye (called the retina) which can reflect light like this.....look out for foxes, badgers and owls at night as well ! 

If you have a photograph of an animal taken with "red eye" due to reflection of the light from the back of the eye why not submit it - you might win one of Provet's Photograph of the Month Awards !  

Here is one of a dog (an Irish Wolfhound)  with "glowing eyes" caused by the flash of a camera


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