Cat's CHRISTMAS by Bruce Fogle & Malcolm Hillier

 Create the purrfect Christmas for Feline Friends

 Hardback. 48 pages, over 40 colour photos

 List price 10.99 Provet Millennium Offer Price 10.17 (includes delivery in UK)



The Encyclopedia of the CAT   by Dr Bruce Fogle

 A unique , illustrated in-depth survey and history of the 250 top cat breeds

 Hardback. 240 pages, over 1300 colour photographs. 

 List Price 20.00 Provet Millennium Offer Price 18.50 (includes delivery in UK)



The ULTIMATE CAT Book by David Taylor

 Definitely the cat's whiskers.

 Hardback. 192 pages, over 500 colour photos

List Price 16.99  Provet Millennium Offer Price 15.72 (includes delivery in UK)




RSPCA Complete CAT CARE Manual by Andrew Edney

 The most highly illustrated care manual available

 Hardback. 192 pages, over 500 colour photos and illustrations

 List Price 15.99 Provet Millennium Offer Price 14.79 (includes delivery in UK)




Know Your CAT by Bruce Fogle

Fascinating insights into felines from a well-known vet and animal behaviourist

Hardback. 128 pages, over 250 colour photos

List Price 12.99 Provet Millennium Offer Price 12.02 (includes delivery in UK)




Natural CAT CARE by Dr Bruce Fogle

The world's best-known practising vet and best-selling author shows how to keep your cats naturally fit and healthy

Hardback. 160 pages, over 250 colour photos.

List Price 14.99. Provet Millennium Offer Price 13.87 (includes delivery in UK)




CATS by Dr Bruce Fogle

 Best-selling author, vet and broadcaster Dr Bruce Fogle has compiled this irresistible, in-depth handbook to our best loved cat breeds.

 Hardback. Features more than 60 cat breeds in fabulous colour photographs with "biographical" portraits detailing the particular breed's origin, physical features and temperament. Fascinating facts highlight key characteristics. Chunky format; a great gift for cat people.

List Price 9.99 Provet Millennium Offer Price 9.24 



The British Veterinary Association GUIDE TO CAT CARE by David Taylor

Keep your cats happy and healthy with this essential owners' guide.

Paperback. 96 pages, 2-colour throughout.

List Price 5.99  Provet Millennium Offer Price 5.54 (includes delivery in UK) 


YOU&YOUR CAT by David Taylor

Complete practical guide full of tips on keeping your pet in top condition

Paperback. 128 pages in full colour.

List Price 9.99 Provet Millennium Offer Price 9.24 (includes delivery in UK)